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2012 Point Blank International Championship Rules

2012 Point Blank International Championship Rules, This is the PBIC Event Rules Regulation which will be used as a rule in the International Competition Point Blank is followed by nine countries, the existing rules and regulations must be understood and read carefully.


Part 1. Overview

Section 1. Competition Format
- Game : Point Blank

- Game format : 5 vs 5 Bomb mission (mode).

Section 2. Match Preparations

- Players are to report at the designated area 15 minutes before each match.

- Each captain (selected by team members before the tournament) will be assigned identification and must wear it during matches.

- Selection of Maps will be determined from the list of PBIC maps by the organizer through a lottery system before the match.

- Side selection (Red/Blue) will be determined by a referee coin toss before start each match.

- Players will be allowed 15 minutes to set up before each match (no software nor drivers can be installed at this time unless the referee allows it).
- If there are problems with hardware, the players are granted another 10 minutes to set up the hardware they receive instead of the faulty hardware.

- Player substitutions must be announced 30 minutes before each match.

- Substitutions during matches are not allowed. However, they may be allowed in special cases if the organizers rule them to be in order.

Section 3. Competition Rules

- All teams are divided into 2 groups. Each group will take part in preliminary round robin matches. Top two teams from each group with the most wins will advance to the Final Round.

Preliminary round:

- Game mode : Bomb Mission (mode)

- Round Time : 3 minutes

- Match type : Teams will play 2 5 round games, switching sides after the first game.

- Win conditions : More round wins than opposing team.

Tiebreaker :

- If the round count at the end of a match is tied, advancing teams are decided based respectively on :

1st : Team Round count
2nd : Team Kill/Death Ratio
3rd : Team Kill count

- If two teams are tied at the end of the preliminary phase, the team that won the direct match between teams during the round robin session advances to the next round.

- If three teams or more are tied at the end of the preliminary phase, the advancing teams are decided based respectively on :

1st : Total Team Round count
2nd : Total Team Kill/Death Ratio
3rd : Total Team Kill count

Final Four :

- The Final Four phase proceeds according to the principals set for the preliminary phase.

Tiebreaker :

- If during the Final Four phase (Semi-finals, Third Place Match, Final) both teams' round counts are tied, the match goes into overtime :

- one, 3 Round Match (first team to win 3 rounds is the victor; the round time is set to 3 minutes). There will be no side change during tiebreakers. The side selection (Red/Blue) and the Map use during overtime will be determined by a coin flip (the map for the tiebreaker will be selected randomly).

- Players that have been killed in a given round are not to touch their equipment (Hands-off rule).

- If there is no victor after 45 minutes of play, the round in progress becomes the last round.

- During any ruling procedures players are not to touch their equipment until instructed otherwise (Hands-off rule).

Section 4. After Match Procedure

- Players must exit the stage within 5 minutes after the match.
- The captain of a team can raise complaints about the results of the match within those 5 minutes.

- If there is no protest about the match, each captain must sign the game result sheet approved by the referee.

Section 5. Official Maps

- Downtown, Luxville, Blowcity, Stormtube, MidTown, Sand Storm

Section 6. Official Headgear

- Default headgear, Enhanced Headgear Plus, Red Beret(Title)

Section 7. Official Character

- Red Bulls, Acid Pol, Tarantula, Keen Eyes, Leopard, D-Fox, Viper Red, Hide. A total of 8 characters are available (without additional HP or status upgrades).

Section 8. Available weapons

- Assault Rifle: K-2, SG 550 Ext., AK-47 Ext., AK SOPMOD, M4A1 Ext., M4A1 S., F2000 Ext., G36C Ext., AUG A3, SG 550 S D, AK SOPMOD D, G36C Ext D, AUG A3 D
- Submachine Gun: K-1, MP5K Ext., Spectre Ext., K-1 Ext., MP7 Ext., UMP45 Ext., P90 Ext., P90 M.C., MP5K G D, Spectre W D, P90 Ext D. P90 M.C D, Kriss S.V, Kriss S.V D
- Sniper Rifle: SSG-69, PSG1, Dragunov, L115A1, Dragunov G. D, PSG1 S D, L115A1 D, VSK 94, Winchester M70

- Shotgun: 870MCS, SPAS-15, M1887, 870 MCS W D, SPAS-15 D, M1887 D

- Machine Gun: Mk.46 Ext.
- Handgun : K-5, P99 & HAK, Desert Eagle, MK 23 Ext., Dual Handgun, Dual D-Eagle, Glock 18, C. Python, IMI Uzi 9mm, Colt 45, Dual Handgun D, Dual Desert Eagle D
- Melee : M-7, Dual Knife, Amok Kukri, Mini Axe, Combat Machete, Brass Knuckle
- Thrown weapons: C-5, K-400, K-413
- Special Weapon : Smoke, Flash Bang

Part 2. Game Rules

Section 1. Chatting Rules
- Public Chatting is restricted, while Team Chatting is allowed.
- For voice chatting a default program will be appointed. The use of other voice chatting software is prohibited.
- All team members, including the captains are allowed to use chatting.

Section 2. Player Rules

- The players can use their personal equipment as long as it is registered to the organizers 7 days before the tournament. On-site equipment registration will not be allowed.

- Players without their own equipment have to use equipment provided by the organizer.
- Any squad member substitutions are to be reported to the organizers 30 minutes before matches.

Section 3. Illegal Programs Bug definitions

- Only the organizers can rule whether the use of illegal software and bugs took place during the game

- However, captains can voice protests and are to do so immediately after the use of illegal software is noticed.

-Taking advantage of any map bugs is strictly forbidden

- Character assisted boosting also is strictly forbidden.

Section 4. Abnormal Situations

- Should a computer error occur, the player is to raise his/her left arm.

- Necessary hardware modifications are to be completed within 10 minutes and the match resumed immediately afterwards.
- If the problem cannot be resolved within the said ten minute period, the match is to be restarted within at the end of the preliminary session and all countable round scores acknowledged.


Part 1. Purpose

Section 1. Purpose

The purpose of this notice is to provide regulations and guidelines for the 2012 PBIC.

Part 2. Team formation and Player obligations

Section 1. Team formation

Teams are to consist of 5 players and may include one substitute.

Section 2. Venue and procedures

- Players shall act according to the rules and regulations of the set forth by the organizers.

- Players shall arrive for pre-registration at the venue at least 15 minutes before their matches.

Section 3. Intellectual Property Rights

- Players agree that the proceedings (results, photos, videos and other media related elements) of the PBIC are to be recorded and used in accordance with the organizers' purposes.

- The organizers bear intellectual property rights regarding player data (photos, recordings, media interviews, replay files, etc.).

Part 3. Tournament Rules

Section 1. Peripherals and Settings

- Players are to use computers, monitors and networks provided by the organizers.

- Personal equipment (mouse, headset, mouse pad, keyboard) can be used, provided the drivers for them will have been provided to the organizers 7 days before the competition. The use of equipment deemed illegal by the organizers will result in disqualification.

- Players have 15 minutes to set-up their equipment before each match. Exceeding this limit results in a warning (1 warning every minute).

- Players caught breaking the competition rules w be penalized with time violation warnings and disqualifications.

- 5 time violation warnings result in a loss of 1 won match. However, this rule does not apply to the final-four stage of the tournament.

- Extreme cases the breach of these rules may result in further penalties or disqualification.

- The default video settings are to be set by the organizers and cannot be adjusted by players.

- Complaints regarding external factors (ex. recording equipment, lighting, temperature) are to be reported to organizers.

- Software not conforming with the rules is prohibited.

Section 2. Communication compliance

- Players are not allowed to communicate with people not involved in the game during matches.

- Players are not allowed to communicate with the opposite team's players during matches.

- In case of equipment problems during the game, players should notify to the referee immediately. The referees will decide whether to proceed with the match or to stop it.

- If the game is stopped due to a problem, the players are not leave their positions, unless otherwise instructed.

Section 3. Referee Ruling

- If an in-game problem is detected and/or game is suspended as a result of a team captain's request, the final decision on the matter (ex. whether to proceed with a rematch or continue the match in progress) is made based on the referee's ruling.

- Players not part of the on-going match cannot participate and/or comment on the proceedings when the game is stopped; only the captains, referees and organizers can do so. Players are to cease all actions that may influence the game until it is resumed.

- Reasons for game interruptions:

1) Equipment, devices or network problems.

2) Player health problems.

3) Usage of illegal software or misconduct by a player.

4) Captain complaint.

5) Natural disasters

6) Other unpredictable factors.

Section 4. Cheating and Penalties.

1. Cheating

1) Non-fair play behavior (foul language or behavior) at the venue itself or via chat.

2) The use of bugs or disallowed programs.

3) Other acts of general misconduct towards opposing teams

4) Rule-breaking and ignoring referee instructions

2. Penalties

1) Warning

- Violation of rules results in warnings.

- Each team can receive 3 warnings in a match.

2) Point Loss

- 3 consecutive warnings during one match result in the loss of one win at the end of the round robin phase.

3) Disqualification

- Gross abuses will result in player/team disqualification.

- A disqualified player is banned from all remaining matches at PBIC 2012.

- Disqualified players must be isolated from their teams during all PBIC matches.

4) Player suspension

- Players can be suspended from PBIC participation as a result of rule-breaking.

- Suspended players cannot participate in any future events unless the suspension is lifted.

Part 4. Organizer privileges

Section 1. Schedule Changes

- If the schedule is modified due to unforeseeable circumstances, the organizers can rearrange the schedule, provided the changes do not hamper any team's participation.

Section 2. Regulation Changes.

- The Regulations are subject to change should such a need arise.

- In such events, players are will notified about them as soon as possible.

Section 3. Other privileges

- The organizers reserve the right to adjust any rules shoul

Such regulations PBIC 2012, may be useful for Point Blank trooper.


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